Protein diet

Protein diet is one of the basic techniques of many weight loss systems.meat dish for protein dietThe principle of nutrition is the minimum amount of fat in the diet, lack of carbohydrates. The result is a guaranteed weight loss.

The essence of the protein diet

This is the most popular and, most importantly, effective technique to help a person lose weight. Its essence:

  • eating only foods that are high in protein;
  • complete rejection of the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates (sugar, potatoes, pasta of various types, products made from their dough);
  • refusal from products that represent pure fats (animal fat, mayonnaise);
  • the ability to eat fruits, fish, vegetables, eggs, vegetable oil, salads, dairy products (not fatty) without any restrictions.

As a result, a person gets a feeling of fullness from the diet. This is explained by the longer digestion of allowed food than carbohydrate.

How it works

After a person begins to eat in accordance with the requirements of a protein diet, his body begins to consume glycogen from previously formed reserves. A significant amount of fluid leaves the body, which determines the rapid and strong weight loss during this period. Later, for the production of glucose (which is the main energy fuel in the body) stores of fat and muscle mass are consumed.

Weight, especially from the middle of the course, begins to decline slowly, and sometimes remains at the same level. The first is always constant, the second does not mean that the nutrition system does not work - you just simply lose weight, losing, with a stable weight, volume in the hips, in the waist.

The protein diet is limited to two weeks. If you continue to use it further, you can plant the kidneys due to their overload. In order not to think about it at all, you need to drink enough water and consume more fiber. The latter is abundant in bran, and non-starchy green vegetables are rich in it.

Important to know

When following a protein diet, you should know:

  • that the proteins present in it saturate the body, give it the necessary energy and strength;
  • that only those who constantly load the body with various exercises should "go on" a diet; protein is intended to restore energy; the optimal training regimen, with a diet and a desire to lose weight, - three times a week;
  • the course of protein unloading is designed for a week, because the protein diet is considered fast; but even this short time, with the correct calculation and implementation of all the recommendations, is enough for the extra pounds to go away, and your well-being was not disturbed;
  • a protein diet is the absence of constantly feeling hunger, since with it you can eat without restrictions, but only permitted foods; the latter are enough so that you do not think about exhaustion;
  • of the main disadvantages (for some people) it is necessary to exert willpower and completely abandon fatty foods, do not eat sweets, flour.

It has been proven by many who have used this nutritional system that it is much more humane for the body than most mono diets, in which one product is consumed every day.

The benefits and harms of a protein diet


Among the advantages that are inherent in the protein diet, the fact that, following it, a person does not feel hunger for a long time, although the body continues to work and spend energy, in particular, fat stores. The fact is that the processing of protein in the body lasts much longer than, for example, carbohydrates and fats. This defines the essence of such an advantage.

In addition, once you've finished dieting, you don't run the risk of regaining the pounds you've lost. Naturally, if you follow a balanced diet in the future.

With a protein diet, the effect is especially noticeable in those people who have a lot of excess fat. They become slimmer rather quickly, see the effect and therefore are rarely subject to the desire to eat something sweet.


Losing weight is generally a process followed by the restructuring of various body systems. Therefore, "sitting down" on a protein diet, you need to take into account certain knowledge, requirements, wishes.

If you consume protein without any restrictions, then your body begins to quickly leave water, and with it the trace element calcium. At the same time, the load on the kidneys increases, this is especially noticeable for those who actively visit gyms. As a result, there may be dry skin, dull hair, nails will begin to break badly, you can get tired quickly, and start to sleep poorly.


In addition to what has been described, the protein diet has direct contraindications. It should be neglected by people:

  • with severe kidney disease, which is not allowed to increase the load on the last;
  • with liver problems, with cholelithiasis of a certain nature;
  • with severe gastrointestinal diseases;
  • with oncological neoplasms;
  • with severe heart disease;
  • women during pregnancy; development of a special diet is possible, but only by a specialist.

Types of Protein Diets


Many people know about the existence of such a diet, which is also called the diet of astronauts. It is quite popular because it brings a certain result if you want to lose weight. Her requirements are mainly foods with a high protein content, as well as consume vegetable fiber. Simple carbohydrates are prohibited for use in general, complex ones are limited. To all there is also a requirement to drink liquid, and a lot.

There are few Kremlin diet rules, which makes it easy to stick to it for a long time. It has a lot of stirring dishes, so some of those who try it become adherents of the nutrition system according to it for life.

According to the Kremlin diet, you can eat fish, non-fatty meats without restrictions. Supplementing your diet with rice, cereals, potatoes, bread is prohibited. Sugar is also taboo. Fruits, nuts, berries are strictly limited - no more than 40g per day. But lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, radish, cucumbers - as many as you like.

The advantages of the astronaut's diet are that the organism gets used to this diet over time, which leads to a long-term effect of weight loss. For those who are impatient, it is not suitable, as it maximally allows you to get rid of 1 . . . 2 kg per month. The result of the Kremlin diet is visible, usually, after 1 . . . 2 months.

Atkins Diet (Hollywood)

This weight loss food system is better known as the Hollywood diet. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the excellent form of many American actors, representatives of show business. Although there are opinions indicating that the Atkins diet is not completely safe for those who "sit" on it.

One of the main features of the Atkins diet is a sharp decrease in carbohydrates in the diet and an increase in protein foods. You can eat high-calorie, fatty foods in it, but those that do not contain carbohydrates.

The diet is built on four stages and strict adherence to existing requirements in each of them.

First ethane two weeks. Its task is to change chemical reactions in the body. Carbohydrates are limited to 20g per week, because the metabolic process is replaced in the body by the process of ketosis. The latter leads to a sharp reduction in glucose production; further, there is a restructuring of metabolic processes to use fat deposits.

The second stage requires the reduction of carbohydrates in food per week four times more - up to 5g. During this time, weight loss is monitored and experimented with increasing the amount of carbohydrates in the food. The optimum value is found by weight fluctuations, above which carbohydrates are prohibited from being taken in the future. This phase lasts until you begin to weigh as much as you want.

The third stage involves a gradual increase in carbohydrates in food per week by a maximum of 10g. The weight is monitored and the maximum amount is determined at which the weight remains stable. This amount of carbohydrates becomes the norm for you in the future.

The fourth ethane is considered the final one and is supposed to consolidate what has been achieved for a long time. It also focuses on the consumption of carbohydrates; sweets, chips, fried potatoes are prohibited.

With the Atkins diet, lose weight gradually and with weight control. You do not feel hunger if you follow it, since many products are allowed, more often protein ones. This system is good in that it does not lead, with loss of mass, to sagging skin and muscles.

In the cons, the Atkins diet is called dehydration due to a sharp restriction of carbohydrates. The latter can cause kidney problems, up to and including their failure. With such a food system, brain activity may decrease, weakness and irritability may appear. There is a feeling of nausea after eating, pain in the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, the threat of osteoporosis due to calcium loss.

Ducan's Diet

The diet was developed by a French nutritionist and takes its name from his last name. In terms of popularity, they are among the most demanded in the world. It includes four stages, each of which consumes foods containing a significant amount of protein. The latter is considered by Ducan as the main source of energy for the body. Vegetables and fruits are allowed to appear in the diet only after passing the first stage.

My diet becomes more varied only by 3 . . . 4 stage. Here you can already eat fruits, grains, but in small quantities. The system does not involve counting calories, you do not need to follow a food schedule, weigh what you eat. They eat as much as the body accepts and, if there is a desire, around the clock.

There are important dietary rules. There are three of them, and they must be strictly adhered to:

  • minimum water consumption per day - 1. 5 liters;
  • compulsory daily consumption of bran;
  • be sure to do physical exercises every day; they may not be difficult.

At the first stage - attack - a person will face the most difficult test. Its duration is individual - 3 . . . 10 days. Depends on the number of pounds you want to lose. The diet is varied, but protein foods predominate, and significantly. Dishes are cooked mainly with steam from fish, poultry, seafood, meat. They feed on dairy products (low-fat) and always on oatmeal.

The second stage, which is a change in diet, involves the alternation of days on which only foods containing proteins are eaten with days when vegetables can be added to such foods. The stage lasts until the day when you begin to weigh as much as you intended.

The third stage is devoted to weight control. That is, the achieved result is consolidated. Its duration can be different and depends on how many kilograms you have lost before. The menu will vary a little, but still there should be one protein day every week.

Next comes the fourth step, which supports what you have achieved. Bran remains in the diet, one protein day. On other days, the diet is very varied, but controlled.

Sample Protein Diet Menu

Menu for 7 days

Food with such a weight loss system is taken five times a day. It contains more protein products. The diet itself is very diverse, it includes simple dishes that are not difficult to prepare.

Day One

For breakfast, eat cottage cheese (low-fat, 150g), drink coffee, tea.

An apple is good for a snack.

For lunch with a slice of whole grain bread, you can eat boiled chicken breast (150g).

Snack ration - yogurt (half a glass).

Vegetable salad and fish are good for dinner, but steamed.

Day two

Take yogurt for breakfast (not sweet, 150g).

An orange is good for a snack.

For lunch, you can eat beef stew with vegetables (150g).

The snack ration is kefir (glass).

Baked fish, fresh vegetables (200g each) are good for dinner.

Day Three

For breakfast, you can allow to eat egg whites (3 pcs. ) and drink coffee, tea.

Snack is a piece of fruit (one).

For lunch with 4 . . . 6 tablespoons of rice (brown), you can eat a turkey (200g).

An afternoon snack can go with curd cheese (not sweet).

Cabbage salad and boiled beef are prepared for dinner (150g each).

Day Four

For breakfast they drink kefir (low fat) and eat two oatmeal cookies.

Get a grapefruit for a snack.

Lunch is asparagus and chicken fillet - both dishes weighing 200g.

Fermented baked milk, kefir (glass) are suitable for an afternoon snack.

Vegetables (150g), boiled fish (200g) are prepared for dinner.

Day Five

At breakfast they eat cottage cheese (150g), wash it down with tea and coffee.

An apple is part of the snack.

Lunch consists of whole grain bread (slice) and boiled fish (200g).

Natural yogurt is prepared for the afternoon snack (no sugar, half a glass).

For dinner, finish the daily ration with vegetable salad (150g), steamed beef (200g).

Day six

For breakfast, make an omelet of proteins (2 eggs), prepare tea, coffee.

Fruit (citrus, whatever) is eaten as a snack.

For lunch, stew beans (200g) are suitable for vegetables (150g).

Kefir (glass) is traditionally prepared for an afternoon snack.

Dinner consists of salad (100g), boiled fish (150g).

Day Seven

Finish the last day of the diet:

  • breakfast with cottage cheese (150g), tea or coffee;
  • apple snack;
  • lunch with vegetable soup (plate), which is boiled in lean beef broth; they also eat whole grain bread (slice) and boiled beef (100g);
  • afternoon tea with cottage cheese, in which there is no sugar;
  • dinner with salad and boiled beef - both dishes 100g each.

Menu for 10 days

Day One

Breakfast is sufficient from boiled eggs (2 pcs. , no salt), two loaves.

You can eat fish for lunch (200g); sauce is added to it, which includes herbs, natural yogurt; instead of bread, loafs are good (2 pcs. ).

A pre-dinner snack will be cottage cheese (skimmed), which can be mixed with herbs.

A salad made from seafood is suitable for dinner: seaweed (200g), mixed, for example, with a "sea cocktail".

Day two

Prepare cottage cheese for breakfast (100g, fat-free); it is mixed with herbs.

Two tomatoes and an eggplant baked in foil are enough for lunch. You can add boiled cauliflower (100g), mushrooms (200g).

For an afternoon snack, you can eat baked zucchini (250g), sprinkled with hard cheese (30g). Breads (2 pcs. ) Are suitable.

Dinner can be seafood. In composition and volume, it corresponds to the dish that was prepared the previous day.

Day Three

Boiled chicken fillet (100g) is eaten for breakfast. Add greens, bread.

For lunch, allow yourself a stew, which includes green beans (200g), chicken fillet (100g).

An afternoon snack can be enjoyed with a vegetable salad, but it must be dressed with yogurt.

Dinner includes low-fat cottage cheese (150g) mixed with yogurt (50g, natural). You can eat with bread (2 pcs. ).

Day Four

For breakfast - cottage cheese (low fat, 150g).

For dinner - baked zucchini in foil. Lemon juice and spices are added. You can add eggs (2 pcs. ).

Mashed potatoes for an afternoon snack. Contains greens, cauliflower.

Baked turkey (200g) is enough for dinner. Suitable for the sauce is yogurt (natural) with the addition of herbs.

Day Five

Breakfast of eggs (2 pcs. , boiled), bread (2 pcs. ).

Boiled beef lunch (200g).

The afternoon snack consists of a vegetable salad seasoned with natural yoghurt.

Baked fish sprinkled with lemon juice go for dinner.

Day six

For breakfast only yogurt (glass) with bread (2 pcs. ).

Lunch - chicken fillet, cauliflower (100g each).

Low-fat cottage cheese (150g) for an afternoon snack.

Baked vegetables for dinner.

Day Seven

Breakfast includes boiled eggs (2 pcs. ) and bread (2 pcs. ).

For lunch they eat a stew, in which green beans (200g) and chicken fillet (100g).

In the afternoon snack they kill the appetite with a glass of yogurt (drinking).

A simple dish is prepared for dinner - boiled beef (200g).

Day eight

Start breakfast again with a glass of yogurt.

Boiled chicken fillet (200g) is suitable for dinner.

At noon, yogurt again, but only low-fat and with herbs.

Dinner - seafood - salad from them, as on the beginning of the diet.

Day nine

For breakfast they eat boiled eggs (2 pcs. ), bread.

A turkey (200g) is baked for dinner. It goes well with yogurt sauce.

The afternoon snack is filled with yogurt (drinkable).

For dinner, they satisfy hunger with vegetable salad seasoned with natural yogurt.

Day ten

Breakfast, like the previous day, includes eggs (2 pcs. , boiled), bread (2 pcs. ).

Lunch is enough of vegetables, to which cheese (hard and a little), lemon juice (a little) are added.

Cottage cheese (150g, fat-free) is served for the afternoon snack. It is mixed with herbs.

Dinner consists of baked fish (200g), vegetable salad.

Menu for 14 days

If you decide to go on a diet for a couple of weeks, you can find, for example, on the Internet, a menu with a variety of dishes every day. You can make everything easier - repeat the seven-day protein diet twice.

Menu for 30 days

Such a diet, due to the potential dangers inherent in protein systems, is rarely carried out. If you decide on it, then you can use the menu for a ten-day protein diet. Just repeat it three times.

Protein Diet Reviews

I want to talk about diets in general. I tried different ones - I had to because of problems with volumes with my then small growth. From my own feelings, I can say that protein is the best for achieving results. True, you need to choose from different methods the one that suits you best. There is no such harsh tension with food. True, you need to force yourself or exercise at home, or go to the gym. In general, it’s probably better not to go to diets. Eat in moderation and everything will be fine!

Protein is still the coolest of all diets. I managed to "lighten" myself by 17 kg. And there is another example of a friend - she was able to lose 27 kg altogether. Previously, "sat" on other diets - it did not help. Now we are fixing ourselves. It would be nice if it worked out.