Diet for gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining.pain in the abdomen in a woman with gastritisIt can proceed in acute or chronic form and develops due to malnutrition, alcohol abuse, tobacco, constant stress, infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

It is important to follow a diet for gastritis from the first day of illness: food that gets into the stomach and irritates its walls can cause significant harm. The list of foods prohibited by the diet for gastritis varies depending on the type of disease.

Diet for chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis may have an exacerbation period and a period of remission. In addition, when composing a diet for gastritis, it is important to know about the acidity of gastric juice - whether it is increased or decreased.

A diet for chronic gastritis with high acidity involves fractional nutrition (4-5 times a day), excluding foods that stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid: fatty meat, fish and rich mushroom broths, rye bread, pastries and puff pastry, strong tea andcoffee, alcohol, smoked, pickled, spicy, fried foods, canned meat, fatty meat. From vegetables, a diet for gastritis prohibited irritating gastric mucosa radish, sorrel, white cabbage, turnip, pickled, pickled and salted vegetables.

Allowed by the diet for chronic gastritis with high acidity dried or stale bread made from premium flour, jelly, still water, fruit juices, cocoa, boiled and steamed beef, turkey, chicken, lean fish without skin, cream, milk, non-acidic kefir, curd souffle, buckwheat, rice and semolina porridge of a viscous consistency, compotes, jelly, honey. Of vegetables, boiled beets, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots are allowed by a diet for gastritis of this form.

If the acidity of the gastric secretion is lowered, the diet for gastritis involves the exclusion of spices, spicy and smoked foods and foods that take a long time to digest: rye bread, pancakes, buns, fried yeast dough, rice. Fish and meat broths, due to their ability to stimulate the production of gastric juice, are allowed with a diet for gastritis.

In case of exacerbation of gastritis, the diet should provide a gentle regime for the stomach: food should not irritate its mucous membrane either mechanically or chemically, should not be hot or cold.

Food during a diet for acute gastritis is also shown fractional.

On the first day of an exacerbation of gastritis, it is undesirable to eat at all, you should limit yourself to a decoction of rosehip or sweet tea with lemon. Then they introduce liquid food, meat soufflé, jelly, jelly into the diet. On the third day of the diet with exacerbation of gastritis, steam cutlets, low-fat broth, mashed carrots or potatoes, meatballs, compote are allowed. After that, the list of foods permitted by the diet for acute gastritis is gradually replenished: low-fat beef, turkey, rabbit, veal, mashed potatoes or soufflé from low-fat fish, cream, milk, curd soufflé, soft-boiled eggs, steamed omelet, liquid semolina are allowed, pureed oatmeal, buckwheat, rice porridge, boiled in milk or with the addition of cream. Drinking during a diet with gastritis is allowed weak tea, freshly squeezed unconcentrated fruit and berry juices, rosehip decoction. You can use refined vegetable and butter during a diet for gastritis, but only adding it to ready-made meals - fried food is excluded.

In addition, a diet for acute gastritis involves the rejection of such products: raw berries, fruits, vegetables, chocolate, carbonated drinks, spices, sauces, cocoa, coffee, pastries, fresh bread, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream.

Diet for erosive gastritis

Erosive gastritis is a stomach disease in which ulceration is found on its walls.slimy cereal soup for gastritisA diet for erosive gastritis excludes fatty meat, since it takes a long time to digest, sour kefir and cottage cheese.

A diet for exacerbation of gastritis with erosion excludes the use of any canned food, sour berries, fruits, fresh juices, alcohol, black strong tea, yeast dough, spicy and fried foods.

Allowed by the diet for erosive gastritis are dairy and fermented milk products, confectionery, diet meats, slimy cereal soups, cereals that can be seasoned with cream, butter, steam cutlets, meatballs, puddings, soufflés.

Diet for atrophic gastritis

Gastritis atrophic is considered a precancerous form of the disease and is characterized by the loss of glands that ensure the secretion of the stomach. Because of this, there is a lack of gastric juice, and the diet for atrophic gastritis should ensure a decrease in the acidity of the juice and a decrease in the load on the stomach walls.

The basis of the diet for gastritis of this form is buckwheat and oatmeal, lean fish and meat.

Do not eat foods containing coarse fiber: barley, pearl barley, coarse flour products, mushrooms, legumes, nuts, bran, many raw fruits, vegetables, millet, dried fruits.

The diet for atrophic gastritis provides that the temperature of the food should not exceed 50 degrees.