Drinking diet for 7 days - losing weight on a drinking diet is easy

Losing weight with a liquid diet is easy! It can be classified as a fast-acting diet. But among those techniques that give a quick result, it is considered the most effective and useful.

If you follow all the dietary requirements, you can say goodbye to 1. 5 kg of weight per day. And if you eat right after the diet, then return to the previous weight is not threatened.

water is the basis of the drinking diet

Diet Features. What can you drink on a diet?

The main ingredient in a liquid diet is water. All dishes included in the diet of a losing weight should be watery, soft, mushy consistency. Doctors fully justify this method of losing weight. And it is quite often prescribed to obese patients. An amazing result comes quickly: after 5 days, up to 10 kg of weight will go away.

The liquid diet consists of various cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, cooked in water, as well as vegetable and dairy soups, vegetables and fruits, and fermented milk products.

Weight Loss Mechanism

Plain water is the main trump card of the technique. Its abundance in food allows you to quickly satisfy hunger. You can drink a lot of water and get 0 calories in return. Great - isn't it? Since food on water contains sufficient water, the satiety effect is achieved quickly.

Due to its soft consistency, such food is perfectly digested by the body, which does not allow fat to accumulate. In addition, with good digestion, the metabolism is activated, which contributes to weight loss at an accelerated pace.

drinking fluids when drinking a diet

The main problem of losing weight is dehydration. Anyone who adheres to a liquid diet does not face such a process. As a result of the constant use of water and watery foods, the body maintains water balance. This tends to lead to well-being during the diet and rapid weight loss.

Diet Products

During a liquid diet, the total amount of food consumed should not exceed one glass. Therefore, you can diversify your menu, but keep track of the amount of food. For breakfast you can eat oatmeal, drinking yogurt, milk, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese.

At lunchtime, vegetable soups and broths will benefit the body. Moreover, cabbage soup, borscht and beetroot soup are especially welcome. For those who love dairy products, you can cook dairy soups with buckwheat.

In order not to overload the stomach, dinner should be light. In addition, in a half-starved state, it will burn fat faster, even when the body is asleep. Therefore, in the evening, they are limited to a glass of kefir or an apple.

Very important!

It is necessary to adhere to such a diet no more than 10 days. Since a liquid diet involves abstaining from certain foods, it is best to lose weight under the supervision of a doctor.

adhere to a drinking diet for no more than 10 days

Drinking Diet Menu

Everyone who loses weight makes up their diet on their own, based on their requests and preferences.

The only condition is the use of liquid mashed soups throughout the day to keep the body full and enrich it with vitamins and microelements.

Water - 1. 5 l. in its purest form.

Several Diet Soup Lunch Options:

Vegetable puree soup with potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.

Cut vegetables into cubes, cook in chicken broth without adding salt and other spices. After removing from heat, cool, then grind everything on a blender and use. It is desirable that the soup was not thick, so much more liquid is needed than other ingredients. You can add half a head of onion and herbs to the soup.

Vegetable puree soup with turnips and herbs.

To prepare the soup, you need 50 g of carrots, onions, 70 g of potatoes and turnips, some greens, and a glass of low-fat milk. Finely chop all the ingredients, boil in broth, rub through a sieve or grind in a blender. The soup is ready.

Oil, spices, spices, sauces are completely excluded!

Exiting the drinking diet should be smooth, slow, careful.

It is forbidden to attack solid food, you run the risk of getting into trouble with the digestive system. Therefore, we reasonably distribute dishes and make up the menu. We introduce carbohydrates, fats and proteins a little. We monitor the state of health. At the slightest exacerbation, we consult a doctor!

A few rules and guidelines

  • During the diet, we monitor the stool, it should be daily and not too liquid.
  • The drinking diet should be followed no more than once a year, this will be enough to cleanse the intestines of toxins and harmful substances.
  • During a diet, it is possible to observe many side effects that may not be reflected in a very favorable way on the functionality of many organs, therefore, a consultation with a specialist should follow before such a weight loss system. Watch your symptoms, if it gets really bad, take pity on yourself and step back from the diet. This means that this technique will not be for you! Try a different weight loss system, fortunately, today there is where our imaginations and fantasies roam.
measuring weight during a drinking diet

Drinking Diet Tips, Reviews & Results

“The first five days were very difficult, fatigue, apathy, unwillingness to do something, increased nervousness, discomfort in the abdomen, etc. But there was no particular feeling of hunger, I drank enough liquid, cooked broths for lunch, so that the stomach was full. After that everything worked out, lightness and airiness appeared, well, I just wanted to fly. In a week I lost 8 kg, it was just fine. Now I am slowly and surely leaving the diet. "

Nutritionists advise not to get involved in such a diet, it is very strict and tough, there are a lot of restrictions and inadmissibility. And in order for the first days of the drinking system for weight loss to be easier, you must first prepare the body for a diet, reducing the amount of solid food consumed.

Persons suffering from hypertension, edema, heart or kidney failure cannot even think about such a diet, the same applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women.


The drinking diet is a kind of system focused on cleansing the body and losing weight. Drinking diet slogans can be formulated as follows: when we are thirsty, we drink, when we are hungry, we also drink. The regime of this diet excludes the chewing reflex, and if you nevertheless decide to keep this diet, then you must understand that in 1-15 days you only need to drink, even all vegetables and fruits must be transferred to a liquid state and drunk like juices. Liquid food is not a hunger strike, you simply replace solid food with liquid food. Many recipes for broths and mashed soups are very tasty and healthy for the body, especially during a drinking diet.

Any similar diet, including the kefir diet, means rest for the gastrointestinal tract, this is due to the fact that solid food is excluded from the diet. This regimen will not be characterized by sudden weight loss, elimination of the feeling of heaviness in the digestive tract, overload and other symptoms.

For the effectiveness of this method, it is necessary to reduce the amount of food previously consumed in order to effectively lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful toxins. Absolute refusal to eat is impossible, so we can increase the amount of fluid. If your desire is to lose weight, reduce the size of the stomach, get rid of harmful substances, then any drinking regime of the diet, including kefir, milk is the best option for the proper functioning of internal organs, including the liver, kidneys, heart, and respiratory system.

water replaces food during a drinking diet

Benefits of a Drinking Diet

Imagine not having to think about what to eat for a whole week, because the menu is fluid. The essence of this diet is not to chew food, but to drink plenty of fluids. It can be pure spring water, non-carbonated drinks, unsweetened compotes, juices, meat broths, various smoothies, etc.

The normal diet should consist of liquid meals. Remember to watch your bowel movements while dieting. During the day, you should drink at least 1 liter of plain water. This diet can be used no more than once a year. You can use drinking yogurt / kefir with a low fat content - no more than 2%. But these are already other types of diet, the difference is only in their duration, but they are all similar in one thing - you can drink everything (tea, drinks, dairy products, cocoa, juices, broths). However, we must warn you - it is very difficult to get rid of the habit of chewing something, and it is she who will provoke difficulties in the first days of your diet. Even stress, depression, fatigue and apathy can occur. Don't worry, this state will be replaced by lightness and airiness very soon. And the decrease in stomach volume will not keep you waiting long.

A drinking diet is ideal for cleansing your body and shedding extra pounds, because you won't feel hungry as your stomach will be constantly filled with liquid, but without harmful calories. During the first period of the diet, all organs are completely cleansed. You may feel slight discomfort in the area of the kidneys and liver. In the last days of the diet, there will be cleansing at the cellular level.

You must take a multivitamin and mineral complex!

After the end of any drinking diet, there is a return to the usual diet, which must be done with extra care.

Alcohol is not recommended as it will interfere with the cleansing process of your body.

Lose weight correctly, let a nutritionist provide you with all the necessary recommendations, always be attentive to your health!