Watermelon diet for several days, with apples, cucumbers, buckwheat and cottage cheese

Autumn days are sweet watermelon season, when days as warm as red watermelon juice are filled with happiness. And this happiness also applies to maintaining the beauty of the body's shape.watermelon diet for weight lossThe watermelon diet gives minus 10 kg per week with minimal stress, both of the soul and of this very body. The watermelon diet is just a sweet feast for the soul, when weight loss occurs almost imperceptibly. The body is generously filled with many benefits in the form of 1. 0 mg of iron, 150 g of folic acid, fiber and an antidepressant such as magnesium, cholesterol levels are reduced and oxalates are excreted from the kidneys and salt, the acid-base balance is confidently restored. Watermelon with a diet for weight loss is simply a unique find for a woman who loves herself. Nothing else begins to delight with its reflection in the mirror so quickly as a sweet watermelon diet for weight loss, because these are only 30 kilocalories. We've found diets for you that are suitable even for vegetarians and will fill your skin with radiance and eyes with joy.

Watermelon diet for 1 day

For those who like to solve problems quickly and decisively, the striped berry diet of one day. The most sugar diet in the world.

We calculate a portion of the scarlet friend according to the scheme of 1 kg of "Astrakhan" per 10 kg of its own weight, breaking into 5 receptions and supplementing with 1. 5 liters of chamomile tea to maintain Spartan peace of mind or water, preferably from artesian springs.

Watermelon diet for 2 days

If the scales pleases you more than the weather outside the window, after passing the first day of the diet, then the second day can be spent filling with vitamins from the wonderful striped Astrakhan friend and the next one and a half liters of not sweet and non-carbonated liquid.

We again add water or herbal tea to the watermelon, without mixing them at one time. A grateful organism is cleansed and prettier. The will (especially for victory) grows stronger. Only the waist and hips become thinner.

Watermelon diet 3 days

The watermelon weight loss diet shows more and more results every new day. The watermelon diet of the 2nd day often inspires to go for a record, repeating it on the third day.

watermelon diet for weight loss for 3 days

And yet, if you follow it for three days, then it is better to make breakfast of 3 slices of watermelon with 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese. You can even cut the watermelon into cubes and mix it into an eye-pleasing composition with white cottage cheese grains.

Lunch of 2 watermelon skibok continues the kidney cleanse work started in the morning.

For lunch, rice porridge in spring water and ruby slices of watermelon.

In an afternoon snack, 50 symbolic grams of cottage cheese, guess what? Of course, with 2 skibochki of your favorite berry.

At dinner, the lunch menu continues to cleanse and heal the beautiful female body, which is acquiring more and more enchanting forms.

Watermelon diet for 5 days

For breakfast every day we get 200 g of fresh low-fat curd and a cup of chamomile or green tea. Better than chamomile: the very Spartan calm with which it fills will be in place during a diet.

  • For lunch, alternate 250 g of buckwheat with 200 g of brown or red rice.
  • For an afternoon snack, complete freedom to choose from a piece of white cheese or low-fat store cottage cheese or natural yogurt without additives.
  • For dinner, white or black rice.

All snacks can be lavishly filled with 5 kg of watermelon, sliced or served as fresh.

For fresh, mix 4 watermelon skibki with 2 tablespoons of honey in a blender.

At the same time, from 3 to 5 kg of your weight leave you so imperceptibly that you do not have time to be saddened by the fact that you seem to be on a weight loss diet on a watermelon.

Another diet option for 5 days

For breakfast, grilled vegetables without oil with a small piece of low-fat cheese.

For lunch, a salad of vegetables and low-fat white cheese or cottage cheese with tomatoes and herbs (finely chopped and mixed).

Dinner of immodest 1. 5 kg of watermelon.

Watermelon diet for 7 days


girl on a watermelon diet for weight loss
  1. Breakfast includes lovingly cooked in water and filled with good energy 100 g of rice with the addition of 200 g of watermelon and green tea, poured into a tall glass that pleases the eye and helps to live the diet with pleasure.
  2. For lunch, 200 g of soft white cheese mixed with watermelon will give new bold tastes to the language tired of everyday life.
  3. In an afternoon snack, you should pamper yourself with 100 g of low-fat tender curd.
  4. For dinner, you can eat 700 g of watermelon from the belly.


  1. Breakfast is made from 100 g of oatmeal with the addition of 200 g of watermelon and green tea, poured into a pot-bellied, pleasantly misted and delightful glass.
  2. For lunch, 200 g of feta cheese, thinly sliced and poured with boiling water for 5 minutes, with tomato and arugula salad for a pleasant pungency of taste, poured with lemon juice, filled with vitamins.
  3. At afternoon tea, thinly cut hard cheese with lemon slices on top on a beautiful plate.
  4. For dinner, we again enjoy 700 g of watermelon.


  1. Breakfast consists of 300 grams of watermelon and green tea, poured into a thin, flowered porcelain cup in the style of lavender Provence, to make the whole day as sweet as the watermelon diet for weight loss, with beautiful results immediately visible in the mirror.
  2. For lunch, 100 g of oatmeal with cucumber and dill salad, seasoned with olive oil.
  3. For an afternoon snack, we buy 100 g of low-fat fresh yogurt.
  4. For dinner we enjoy 700 g of watermelon.


  1. For breakfast comes the turn of 100 g of buckwheat porridge with 200 g of ripe watermelon and green tea brewed with three tea rose buds.
  2. For lunch, 200 g of hard cheese slices fried in a few drops of olive oil with a salad of grated carrots with bell pepper.
  3. In the afternoon snack we savor a piece of white soft cheese, cut into cubes and doused with yogurt with cilantro.
  4. For dinner, put 600 g of watermelon on a plate with a gold border.


  1. Breakfast consists of 100 grams of rice, a loaf of whole grain flour and iced green tea sparkling in a crystal glass.
  2. At lunchtime, pour 200 g of soft white cheese on a grater onto 100 g of buckwheat porridge and sprinkle it with finely chopped arugula or parsley on top - a good mood and joy of taste will remain with you until the evening.
  3. In an afternoon snack, we eat 100 g of low-fat homemade cottage cheese with a beautiful spoon.
  4. For dinner, eat with a spoon directly from half of 700 g of watermelon.


  1. Breakfast today is 200 grams of turmeric oatmeal and green tea from your favorite cup.
  2. For lunch, a salad of 200 g of white cheese, tomatoes and apples with low-fat sour cream.
  3. For an afternoon snack, indulge in 200 g of low-fat yogurt.
  4. For dinner, we look forward to a quick separation from the watermelon and eat it at once 700 g.


  1. Breakfast of 300 g of watermelon, crispy whole grain bread and green tea brewed with chamomile.
  2. For lunch, 200 g of white homemade cheese on slices of tomatoes and 100 g of oatmeal.
  3. In an afternoon snack, 200 g of your favorite brand of low-calorie kefir from the kindest cows.
  4. For dinner, farewell 500 g of chilled watermelon, sprinkled with chopped mint and lemon zest.

Watermelon kefir diet

To cleanse the intestines and fill with protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural sugar, alternating kefir with watermelon throughout the day will help.watermelon-kefir diet for weight lossBreakfast, lunch and dinner consist of watermelon. Lunch, afternoon snack and second yogurt dinner. The amount of water is not limited, but not mixed with watermelon or kefir. Herbal or green teas up to 2 times a day.

This wonderful diet even promotes the removal of sand from the kidneys, if the last eating of a watermelon is combined with a warm bath. Eat watermelon right in the bathroom! Ballast and waste substances will leave your body. For that, before going to bed, you can please yourself with another cup of kefir.

Prior consultation with your doctor will hedge against any surprises from this health-related detox diet.

3 days of such a diet will sweep out about 3 pounds of ballast from your body.

Watermelon apple diet

The watermelon-apple diet takes with it 3-4 kg if it is followed for 5 days and about 7 kg in 10 days.

It is recommended to use apples about 1 kg, watermelon about one and a half kilograms.

The ideal option, of course, is to use the fresh berry and fruit menu, although baking without adding other types of products is also permissible.

For variety, you can use different varieties of apples in one go.

Striped berry antioxidants, like magnesium and potassium, can help you forget about lethargy, fatigue, and muscle cramps.

Watermelon protein diet

Two weeks of a watermelon-protein diet means 400-500 g of watermelon at a time, combined with low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat cheese up to 9%.

You can make a variety of sandwiches in which a watermelon with arugula is placed inside thin slices of low-fat white cheese - a bold combination and an enchanting unforgettable taste.

Another equally bold and tasty solution is to dry watermelon slices for a couple of minutes in a grill pan without oil and make sandwiches with feta cheese and dill and celery. With such a diet, it is much easier to come to the finish line with a bonus in the form of a slim figure.

Watermelon cucumber diet

15 kg, melting in two weeks with an amazingly tasty watermelon-cucumber diet filled with 1 kg of cucumbers and 1 kg of Astrakhan minke whalewatermelon-cucumber diet for weight loss10 kg of your weight - why not a celebration? Moreover, before going to bed, you can drink 250 ml of kefir and savor a crust of rye bread during the day.

The cucumber-watermelon diet is a great reason to try a salad of pitted watermelon and cucumber cut into slices with watermelon and basil.

Cucumbers help in the prevention of joint diseases and, like watermelon, help to remove excess fluid from the body. That is, there will be just as much moisture in you as needed.

For lunch, a thin slice of black bread or a crouton or whole grain loaf is allowed for those who cannot do without them. It is recommended to eat grains around 12 noon, when their digestibility will be maximum, and the minimum will tend to be deposited in the body in order to stay with you forever.

Kidney failure, gastritis and stomach ulcers will take away this pleasure.

Watermelon buckwheat diet

A balanced diet of 50 g of Astrakhan berries per 1 kg of your weight and 1 kg of buckwheat (per day, not for each of your kilograms! ) Should not exceed 5 kg per day.

Vegetable salads supplemented with lemon juice or amber drops of olive oil will brighten up your days on the road to beauty.

If hunger still turns out to be stronger than the impulse to become slimmer, before going to bed, you can appease it with 250 ml of 1% kefir.

Still, it is better to strive to time the last meal at 17 o'clock so that the result can be manifested more clearly.

Watermelon curd diet

7 days of watermelon and curd diet will remind everyone of the thinness of your waist. Combining berries and protein pearls in one meal is not worth it.

watermelon-curd diet for weight loss

Bowel movements, as well as cholesterol levels, will return to normal. Even masculine strength can be restored with this magic diet.

Eating more than 5 kg of watermelon in one day is not worth it. A daily serving of watermelon can be divided into equal parts or a larger dose taken out at lunchtime.

Cottage cheese can be eaten either simply or mixed with dill or parsley or cilantro, which will further increase the usefulness of this procedure for healing the whole body.

There is no limit to the amount of clean water between meals. At the same time, remember that colder water, drunk in one gulp, cleans everything in its path and is quickly excreted. Warm water, which is drunk in small sips, saturates the body with moisture as much as possible.

Watermelon diet contraindications

Mono-diets longer than a week are not recommended by any doctor. This can slow down our metabolism, depriving us of the joys of slender thighs.

Diseases of the intestines can bloat you from such a diet, like a balloon, provoking bloating. If this does not stop the flight of your dreams to the beauty of feminine curves, then this decision will be yours.

Diabetes mellitus will also limit the consumption of sugar berries, forcing to look for other diets.

Pregnancy, as well as just severe edema without screaming consequences, nevertheless impose some restrictions on the enthusiastic absorption of watermelons. You should be especially careful about the choice of watermelons, because nitrates trapped in it can harm the nascent and developing fetus.

Kidney disease also imposes limitations.

With a breakdown and insomnia, experts advise against following this berry diet.

If the body is oversaturated with microelements, which are so rich in watermelon, this can lead to malfunction of this very organism.

Consultation of a qualified specialist will be the most reasonable decision before choosing a way to acquire model forms, slender and inviting.

Watermelon diet results

Nutritionists are vying to talk about the effectiveness of watermelon diets in a short time. The pulp of the Astrakhan friend cleanses the body better than a brush, if you believe them, and strengthens the immune system, leading to an improvement in metabolism.

slim girl after watermelon diet

It is recommended as a consistently observed one fasting day per week.

Watermelon is a delicious berry that some people mistakenly continue to call a vegetable. And thanks to this sweet taste, the diet is tolerated by many more easily and, as a result, gives wonderful ratings, which happy women are happy to share on the Internet.

The watermelon diet delivers results that are visible to the naked eye and make it a favorite of many women around the globe.

Watermelon diet pros and cons

Everyone decides for themselves whether to minus or add to the diet of Astrakhan berries.

The downside of the watermelon diet is its rigidity, which not everyone can handle.

The plus from its efficiency and speed covers this minus for many. In addition, your financial investment in this diet will be minimal.

The diuretic effect of the striped friend is an undeniable plus, removing a lot of excess fluid from the body.

Watermelon is not able to compensate the body for absolutely all the substances necessary for vital activity, therefore, this is a minus and an obstacle to following the watermelon diet for a long time.

Those with a sweet tooth will be able to withstand such a diet - this is a plus.

The fiber in watermelon stretches the walls of the stomach, helping you to feel full faster from the minimum amount of calories consumed - and this is a very pleasant plus.

Watermelon actively cleans and removes toxins - this is a plus. But at the same time, a large load falls on the kidneys, and this is a minus.

During any type of watermelon diet, feasible restrictions on physical activity are recommended to prevent overstrain of the body. Some tend to attribute this to cons.

Recommendations to sleep in the watermelon-dietary period for more than 8 hours and more time to please your body by being in the fresh air is a significant and tangible, fat plus.

Someone will consider the need for a smooth exit from any type of watermelon diet a minus, missing the usual diet; someone, on the contrary, will consider it an invaluable plus.

Eating a variety of salads and light food after its end for the first time can even be considered an additional bonus, because the body will continue its detoxification, and the grateful skin will shine even more.

The most important thing is to follow the diet reasonably with all the variety possible inside it, so that after it ends, you do not break off, but only consolidate the achieved result, continuing to follow a healthier diet.