Lose weight by "7 kg" per week

The main three questions that you ask yourself before losing weight are:

  • How many?
  • How long does it take?
  • How?

Today we offer specific algorithms for how you can lose weight by 7 kg per week, in 10 days, in a month. Choose the option you need - and lose weight.

How to lose 7 kg in a week

This is a very dramatic weight loss, so this option is not for everyone. Extreme weight loss can only be used by young people, but over 18 years old.

It is possible to get rid of 7 extra pounds in a week. Mono diets are best suited for extreme weight loss. They involve the use of a single product. There are two types of such food:

  • one product for the whole week;
  • different products for every day.

We offer you several options for each type of mono-diet.

weighing during weight loss by 7 kg per week

Single product diets

Of particular note is the use of drinks on mono diets. You can only drink water and green tea during the day. You can add a teaspoon of natural honey to your tea once a day. You need to drink a lot of water - 1. 5-2 liters per day. In the morning, immediately after waking up, drink the first glass. Distribute the rest of the volume for the day.

Apple diet

Very good results. You need to eat 1. 5 kg of apples a day all week. For a change, you can buy different varieties of apples - seven, pear, Antonovka. Eat apples when you feel hungry.

Minerals and trace elements of this fruit will help to activate metabolic processes in the body, cleanse the intestines, and normalize cholesterol. A contraindication for such a diet is diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Buckwheat diet

If apples are impossible, but you need to lose 7 kg urgently - lose weight on buckwheat, which has practically no contraindications. For a whole week, eat buckwheat porridge prepared in this way:

  • pour a glass of washed buckwheat with a glass of boiling water;
  • leave until the cereal swells completely, you do not need to cook, do not salt;
  • the resulting portion is the daily norm of porridge, divide it into 5-6 doses.

You can brew cereals in a similar way from the evening the next day.

Buckwheat is a natural absorbent, it perfectly cleanses the body and improves metabolism.

It is difficult to maintain this strict diet, but the result is guaranteed to please you.

Cucumber diet

Effective for extreme weight loss.

Cucumbers remove fluid, cleanse the kidneys and liver, relieve swelling.

  • During the day, you need to eat 1. 5 kg of fresh cucumbers;
  • for a change, you can prepare a salad with herbs (parsley, dill, celery);
  • do not salt.

Mono diets by day of the week

You can make your own diet for such diets, including only low-calorie foods. For example, your diet might look like this:

  • Monday - apples, 1. 5 kg.
  • Tuesday - chicken breast boiled without salt, 500 gr. Divide this rate into 5-6 receptions.
  • Wednesday - salt-free buckwheat porridge.
  • Thursday - boiled or baked lean fish (cod, pollock, haddock or river species) without salt.
  • Friday - carrots, 1. 5 kg. You can make a salad of grated carrots with lemon juice.
  • Saturday is kefir day. Buy 1. 5 liters of low-fat kefir per day.
  • Sunday - your choice of any of the above products. Or, on the contrary, you can arrange a "hungry" day, that is, just drink water and green tea.

The diet is less stressful for the body. Her diet contains proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates. It is easier to withstand it, and the results will not be worse, because due to the alternation of important elements, the metabolism is activated faster, due to which you lose weight.

Since mono-diets do not saturate the body with energy from foods to the usual extent, physical activity these days should not be power. But they are needed.

We advise these days such sports as 20-minute morning exercises and swimming. Walk as much as possible. Instead of an elevator, go up the stairs, walk a couple of blocks. Take a walk in the evening.

How to lose 7 kg in 10 days?

Use the same principles of nutrition and movement as given above. But you can afford:

  • soy sauce for meat and fish
  • a cup of black coffee (but without milk and sugar) in the morning
  • one slice of cereal or other dietary bread a day

Important! After extreme diets, you cannot abruptly return to your normal diet, otherwise the lost weight will return very quickly. Introduce your usual foods little by little. Give up for another week or two from flour, sweet, fried. And your body will continue to lose weight on its own.

fish with herbs for weight loss per week by 7 kg

How to lose 7 kg in 2 weeks?

The diet that we will propose belongs to the category of restrictive and low-calorie, but the variety of food makes it much easier to sustain it than monotonous mono-diets.

  • For effective weight loss by 7 kg, we limit food and completely exclude flour, sweet, fatty, fried, smoked, pickled, canned foods from the menu.
  • We will alternate protein and fruit-carbohydrate days, alternating them with fasting days.

This is an effective nutritional system, in which the body does not have time to get used to any one element, and uses its own fat reserves to obtain the missing energy.

1 and 2 days. Cleansing

Choose any option:

  • 1. 5 liters of low-fat milk,
  • or the same amount of low-fat kefir,
  • or mineral water.

Excellent results are obtained by a fasting day on "milk tea" - for this:

  • brew green tea;
  • add low-fat milk to it in a 2: 1 ratio;
  • during the day, you need to drink 1. 5-2 liters of the drink.

Day 3. Protein

  • In the morning - a cup of black coffee. Sandwich with butter and honey.
  • For lunch - 80 gr. boiled chicken breast and 200 gr. chicken without salt with a slice of dietary bread.
  • For dinner, boiled chicken fillet and a cup of fermented baked milk.

Drink green tea between meals, and honey for an afternoon snack.

4th day. Protein

  • Breakfast - a sandwich with honey and cottage cheese. Black coffee.
  • Lunch - a plate of beef broth and 90 gr. boiled veal with a piece of dietary bread.
  • Dinner - 2 steamed beef cutlets, a glass of 1% kefir.

Day 5. Cellulose

  • 2 medium pears for breakfast.
  • A plate of borscht and a portion of fresh vegetable salad for lunch.
  • 2 pears for an afternoon snack.
  • We have dinner with a salad of any fresh vegetables. A cup of tea with honey.

6th day. Also fruit and vegetable

  • Grapefruit for breakfast.
  • We have lunch with onion soup and vinaigrette.
  • For an afternoon snack, eat 2 medium-sized apples.
  • For dinner, any vegetable salad and a piece of bread.

7th day. Protein again

  • In the morning - 2 cheesecakes with honey and black coffee.
  • For lunch, cook any soup with lean meat broth, but without potatoes and boil 200 gr. fishes.
  • For an afternoon snack, drink a glass of milk with tsp. honey.
  • For dinner, an omelet of 2 eggs and a glass of natural yogurt without additives.

Day 8. Protein

  • For breakfast, a sandwich made from diet bread with hard cheese.
  • For lunch, a plate of meat broth and a piece of boiled fish.
  • For dinner, baked fish without oil (in foil) and kefir.

Day 9. Fruits vegetables

  • 2 peaches for breakfast.
  • For lunch - okroshka without meat and stewed vegetables without potatoes.
  • 2 peaches for an afternoon snack.
  • A plate of fresh vegetables for dinner, you can make a salad.

Day 10. Fruits vegetables

  • 2 medium apples for breakfast.
  • Vegetable soup without potatoes and 100 gr. vinaigrette for lunch.
  • 2 oranges for an afternoon snack.
  • Fresh vegetables and dried fruit compote for dinner.

11, 12 days - protein and 13, 14 - fruit and vegetable

Choose any menu from the ones suggested above.

  • Remember to drink water in the morning and throughout the day.
  • The volume of clean water is 8 glasses.

Little bonus for this diet: brew green tea with ginger. It turns out to be a wonderful fat burning drink:

  • take 1-1. 5 cm of ginger root on a large cup, pour boiling water over;
  • add green tea after 10 minutes;
  • add a little honey and lemon for flavor.
signing up to the gym for weight loss per week by 7 kg

How to lose 7 kg in a month?

This diet will be restrictive, but not as harsh.

  • For a month, exclude from the diet all flour, sweet, fried, spicy, smoked, pickled.
  • You can cook anything - meat, soups, cereals, fish, offal.
  • Limit salt and sugar.
  • Once a week, arrange a fasting day (take any option from the proposed mono-diets).

Make the menu according to your taste preferences, but adhere to the following basic rules:

  • Steam, boil, or bake. You cannot fry and smoke.
  • Reduce your serving size by cutting your usual amount in half.
  • Use the principle of fractional meals - eat small meals every two hours.
  • A separate principle will also help - each meal contains either proteins or carbohydrates. Fiber goes with everything. For example, eat fresh vegetables with meat or fish, and cereals with fruits.
  • The last meal is no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Be sure to drink the correct amount of water.
  • The main load on calories is before lunch.
  • Observe the following balance when compiling a daily menu - 60% for fruits and vegetables, 20% for proteins, 7% for starchy carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes) and 7% for sweet carbohydrates (natural honey, sweet fruits and dried fruits) and 6% fats, better unrefined vegetable.

Increase your physical activity. Learn the principles of breathing exercises, for example, "Oxysize", it is very conducive to weight loss. Swim, run, go to the gym, walk once a day.

Such a food system is suitable for any age - it can be used by both adolescents and people over 45 years old.

Avoid evening meals twice a week to be effective. This simple rule helps you get rid of those extra pounds effortlessly.

Prepare a great salad for weight loss "Brush":

  • grate raw beets and carrots;
  • add fresh or sauerkraut and celery;
  • fill with vegetable oil;
  • you can add herbs to taste.

If it so happens that you "broke", ate, do not despair. We advise you to arrange unloading meals the next day and intensify the training process.

This restrictive diet is the most effective and recommended by nutritionists. The body does not experience severe stress and does not include protective functions for the accumulation of fat reserves after a diet.

In a month, you get used to proper nutrition, to normal physical activity, and this becomes the norm. Excess weight is lost further, and you will remain in good shape for a long time.