Ducan's diet - description and general principles. Ducan diet reviews and recipe examples

Although they say that there should be a lot of good people, this expression cannot comfort modern women. And now, the venerable madam or young lady, having gained a couple, or a little more kilograms, begins to torment herself with the question - how to get rid of her fat layers and folds as quickly as possible.Ducan's dietSomeone is trying to solve the problem with a plastic surgeon, but it is expensive and unsafe, someone is in the gym, but it is hard and requires free time, while most of the future Thumbelina are trying to lose weight with diets. And he wants to find one to eat his fill, tasty and at the same time lose weight. Paradoxically, such diets exist. One of them is the Ducan diet.

Ducan's Diet - Description and General Principles

The principle of this nutrition system is quite cheerful: eat as much as you want - you will lose weight! True, not everything, but certain products. The diet is divided into four stages, each of which has its own duration and fulfills its task.

The first stage, which Monsieur Ducan gave the name "Attack", lasts from 2 to 7 days (no more than ten), depending on how many kilograms you need to get rid of - on average 3-4 days. During this time, it takes from 1. 5 to 4 kg. This is a very important point in psychological terms: you see how quickly weight is lost, which makes you not stop and go further. The diet is dominated by exclusively protein foods, which can be consumed without restriction. But for the well-coordinated functioning of the body, in particular, the work of the kidneys and the brain, the missing carbohydrates and glucose are extremely important. Therefore, the body, experiencing carbohydrate starvation, and being in a state of stress, is looking for a way out. And he finds - by splitting fat cells, synthesizes from them the elements he lacks. Thus, with a protein diet, fatty layers on the body are rapidly reduced.

It is impossible to keep the body for a long time without harm to health on one protein meal, it needs minerals, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins. Therefore, starting from the second phase of the diet - Cruise, vegetables are introduced into the diet. At this stage, fat stores also decrease, although not as quickly as during the Attack. Very little fats and carbohydrates come from food, they are processed and excreted from the body, without having time to turn into fat deposits. Therefore, the body, as in the first stage, breaks down fat accumulations, extracting the substances it needs. On average, one kilogram “melts” per week. Thus, the duration of the stage depends on the amount of extra pounds - the more there are, the longer the Cruise. That is, if you need to lose, for example, three kilograms, you will have to go on a "cruise" for three weeks.

What is the insidiousness of most diets is that after they are over, the pounds lost with such difficulty begin to return. Therefore, the achieved results must be consolidated. Dr. Ducan foresaw this moment, and therefore, as soon as the required weight is reached, and the scale arrow has stopped at the long-awaited figure, the third phase begins in the power system, which is called Fastening. This stage is a transitional period between a strict diet and the time when it will be possible to do without restriction in nutrition. Sweets, pasta, cereals, cheese are gradually introduced into the diet in small quantities. Its duration is also individual, and depends on the number of pounds thrown off. The calculation is as follows - for one kilogram gone - ten days of Consolidation. It is not difficult to calculate, if, for example, five kilograms are lost on the diet, the Fastening stage will be almost two months - 50 days.

At the end of the third stage, the final phase begins - Stabilization. Monsieur Ducan recommends continuing this period as long as possible, especially since there are no dietary restrictions. To prevent weight gain, you just need to fulfill three conditions:

  1. take a daily 20-minute walk. It can be evening promenades, the road to work, to the store, the forest, anywhere. The main thing is to walk;
  2. devote one day a week to a protein diet, i. e. eat as in the first phase of the Attack;
  3. consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran daily. From them you can make pancakes, bread, biscuits, bake a cake.

That's all the limitations of the fourth phase. Not so much to feel great, have a beautiful figure, catch admiring glances.

How to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins while losing weight.

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It is also important that Enterosgel fills the stomach well, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, and at the same time absorbs excess gastric juice and enzymes. So their irritating effect on the walls of the stomach is neutralized, that is, weight loss will not end with gastritis.

The Ducan Diet - What Foods You Can Eat

Now we come to the most interesting moment. What can you eat while dieting? Each stage has its own products, but there are points that are the same for all phases:

  • drink 1. 5-2 liters of water daily (in addition to tea and coffee);
  • daily use of oat bran (not flakes) - at the first stage - 1. 5 tablespoons, at the second - 2, at the third - 2. 5, at the fourth - 3 tablespoons. Bran improves intestinal motility, lowers cholesterol levels, and removes toxins. If they are taken with food, then washed down with a glass or two of water (otherwise there will be no effect).

At the first, protein stage, you can eat all types of seafood, beef, poultry meat without skin (except for duck and goose), beef tongue, fish, eggs (boiled and raw), low-fat ham, low-fat: cottage cheese, milk, fermented milkfoods and yogurt.

Products should be cooked without added fat, i. e. boil in water, steam, grill. Lemons, salt, garlic, onions, pickled cucumbers, salt (limited), sweeteners, chewing gum (no sugar) are allowed. Drinks - green tea, black tea, herbal tea, coffee (all without sugar), mineral water.

At the second, protein-vegetable stage, to the above products are added: any cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, green beans, zucchini, asparagus. Allowed crab sticks (six to eight pieces per day), canned fish (natural), 50 g of dry wine, a spoonful of fat-free cocoa, a little olive oil (just a few drops). At this stage, if you want to lose less than 10 kg, you need to alternate protein and protein-vegetable days according to the following schedule: every other day, three after three, or five after five. If you need to lose ten kilograms or more, it is recommended to alternate days according to a 5/5 schedule, i. e. protein diet for five days - protein and vegetable diet for five days.

At the third stage, which consolidates the results, 100 g of fruit (except for grapes, bananas, cherries), a little cheese, bread (2 slices per day), adjika, vinegar, soy sauce, gelatin, mustard are added to the products of the first and second stages, spices, 2 times a week, one serving - potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, peas or lentils. At this stage, there is a pleasant innovation: once a week (not all day, but one meal), you can afford absolutely everything, any product, regardless of calories and amount of carbohydrates. In the third phase, devote one (any) day of the week only to protein foods, as in Attack.

The fourth period, as noted above, has no restrictions, except for one day a week on a protein diet.

The Ducan Diet - What Foods Not To Eat

Do not in the first place - sugar, sweets, pastries. Eliminate fatty meat, butter, spirits, fast food in the first three stages. Cereals and other mealy and starchy products are allowed from the third phase in limited quantities. From fruits, carbohydrate and high-calorie ones are not allowed - bananas, grapes and cherries.

Ducan Diet - Diet Examples

The food system includes three full meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks in the form of a second breakfast and an afternoon snack. This menu is approximate, it is recommended to focus on it, but you can combine and change products to your liking.

Stage 1 (protein) - Attack


  • 2-3 boiled eggs (as an option - an omelet with milk and herbs, poached eggs);
  • a piece of ham or lightly salted fish;
  • coffee or any tea.


  • yogurt and bran (or cottage cheese).


  • boiled lean meat (or baked fish sprinkled with lemon juice, or chicken with garlic).


  • boiled squid or shrimp sprinkled with spices.


  • boiled tongue (or lamb, rabbit) or grilled fish;
  • kefir.

Stage 2 (protein-vegetable) - Cruise


  • omelet with tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs;
  • squash pancakes;
  • cottage cheese;
  • coffee with milk.


  • eggs cooked by any method other than frying in oil;


  • boiled fish (or chicken);
  • salad of green beans, eggs, bell pepper and canned fish, seasoned with yogurt, sprinkled with pepper.


  • boiled chicken breast;
  • vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice;
  • green tea.


  • grilled vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants) or stewed cabbage;
  • boiled meat (fish or tongue);
  • kefir.

Stage 3 - Consolidation


  • cottage cheese pancakes with vanilla (or cinnamon) with sour cream;
  • coffee, tea.


  • fruits, yogurt.


  • steamed chicken cutlets;
  • vegetable salad with a drop of oil.


  • cheese with bread (or cottage cheese with sour cream).


  • shrimp (or other seafood) with rice or pasta and soy sauce.

Ducan's Diet - Menu Examples

Recipe 1: Salmon Head Ear


To Attack:

For 1 liter of water:

  1. salmon head - 1 pc. ,
  2. bow - 1 pc. ,
  3. bran - 1-2 tbsp. l. ,
  4. salt, black peppercorns, bay leaves and spices to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Put the salmon head into the water and bring to a boil, remove the foam.
  2. Immediately after that, add to the pan the onion, which we previously cut into cubes, salt to taste, black peppercorns, spices and cook for about 40 minutes over low heat (so that the bones begin to easily lag behind).
  3. Taking the head out of the broth, separate the fish flesh from the bones and return it back to the broth.
  4. Bringing the contents of the pan to a boil, add the bran, bay leaf and parsley, when it boils again, remove the soup from the stove and leave with the lid closed for about 10 minutes.

For Cruise

The bran can be replaced with finely chopped carrots, bell peppers, and cauliflower florets (no frying). Cauliflower will thicken the soup and give it a new flavor. At the last stage, you can add a slice of lemon, you can also experiment with spices.

Recipe 2: Tender Chicken Breasts


  1. chicken breasts - 1 kg;
  2. soy sauce - 2 tbspl . ;
  3. mustard - 1 tbspl . ;
  4. pepper and salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces.
  2. Making a marinade with soy sauce, mustard, pepper and salt.
  3. Stir the chicken breasts with the marinade and leave in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.
  4. After taking it out of the refrigerator, bake the breast pieces in the oven for about an hour at medium temperature.

Recipe 3: Muesli Ice Cream


  1. milk - 250 gr. ;
  2. oat bran - 2 tbspl . ;
  3. sugar substitute - 3 tbsp. l . ;
  4. eggs - 1 pc . ;
  5. fat-free sour cream - 30 gr. ;
  6. soft cheese - 30 gr. ;
  7. zest of 1 orange, a little vanilla.

Cooking method:

  1. Bring milk to a boil, add vanilla, bran and a spoonful of sugar substitute there, then cook over low heat with constant stirring until the mass thickens.
  2. After beating the egg, add it to the bran mass, then stir well and remove from heat.
  3. In a bowl, mix sour cream, cheese and the rest of the sugar substitute with the zest, add everything to the bran mass.
  4. After letting this mixture cool for about half an hour, pour everything into glasses and put it in the freezer, where we keep it for 4 hours, stirring every hour.

The Ducan Diet - Useful Tips & Reviews

Dukan's diet can be followed by both women and men, without harming their health, do not starve themselves. But, despite the sparing diet, the diet has some contraindications. During the protein phase, some people may experience hormonal imbalances or exacerbate chronic diseases. Therefore, there are limitations and contraindications.

Ducan Diet Contraindications

  • for pregnant and lactating women;
  • children under 18;
  • for diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • for metabolic disorders;
  • in case of gastrointestinal diseases, gout, liver and kidney diseases;
  • with intense mental stress.

Pros of the Ducan Diet

  • the most important: the system works - the kilograms go away, and quite quickly, and do not return;
  • there is no hunger throughout the entire time. Craving for certain foods may be present, but not hunger, which is very important;
  • The
  • diet is safe becausethe basis of Ducan's nutritional system is natural products;
  • during a diet, you can not just eat, but eat deliciously, which will be especially appreciated by gourmets;
  • there are no restrictions on the time of food intake and its amount;
  • It is easy to follow a diet everywhere: at work, at home, even in a restaurant or cafe, you can order diet meals.

Nutritional advice

Most diets are accompanied by obsessive hunger associated with severe calorie restriction. It is this that becomes the most common cause of "breakdown" - early termination of the diet.


I have been on this diet for almost two weeks, the weight is gradually disappearing, I have lost 3 kg, it makes me happy, becausewith proper nutrition, the weight stood for a long time, now, seeing the results, I want to go on and on, especially since there is an example before my eyes, one good friend has lost 30 kg.

Has lost 12 kg in 3 months. Thanks to Ducan.

Super diet I lost 7 kg in 1 week. At first I didn't believe it, but when I tried it, I was simply stunned.