How to lose weight quickly - diet for a week and a month

How can you lose weight quickly? A sacramental question that worries many of us. It would seem that the answer is simple. Do not eat. At all. A week or two, to be sure. Perhaps the result will be, but at what cost? And for how long?

The hunger strike is canceled!

Fasting is something that should not be done categorically. There is such a technique - therapeutic fasting. True, his goal is slightly different, not related to weight loss. In addition, fasting is not recommended for more than 20 days at home. A sure way to greatly harm health, but whether it will turn out to lose weight quickly is still a question.

Our body is a cunning thing, trying to adapt to bad conditions. Not enough food for a whole week? This means that it is necessary to preserve as much as possible those reserves of fat that are still left. Hormonal regulation starts - the process of losing weight is inhibited. And fat accumulations after such a shake-up very soon catch up. Hunger “safety stocks” must be replenished quickly. This is the main disadvantage of fasting.

But what about the reviews of those who this method helped to get rid of 10 or more extra pounds? A common question. But do not forget that the results are bragged in hot pursuit. In a week the enthusiasm will subside. And what will happen to the weight in 20-30 days - the starving keep silent about this.

Do you want to “burn fat” for a long time? Eat! Little by little, but often, at least 10 times a day. And regularly: set a schedule and stick to it. A proven way to "trick" the body's reaction, quite accessible at home.

a common mistake of losing weight

Another common mistake people make when losing weight is the pursuit of low-fat foods. But are all of them so dietary and low in calories? Unlikely. Starch-based thickeners, colors, flavors - to make fat-free foods appear attractive. And this is both the calorie content and the “chemistry” that we fear. But on the label - "0%"! Fat shoppers will sweep this “dietary splendor” off the shelves. Don't be fooled by the rave reviews. It is much more correct to choose foods that contain natural fats characteristic of them.

Food for weight loss

Discipline in food is not only about the schedule of breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and strict adherence to it at home). And not harsh self-restraints: “I want to lose weight - so I won't eat in the afternoon”. But also the right choice of the menu - especially if you are thinking about how to lose weight quickly. And the main thing is to keep the result. Make heroic efforts, look for a way to lose 10 kilos in a week - and quickly gain 20? To prevent this from happening, you need the right foods.

  • Vegetables with a low calorie content and a low glycemic index. These are cabbage, legume pods, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens.
  • Apples. The fruit eaten for dinner replaces the trip to the refrigerator (if in doubt, read the reviews of those who are losing weight).
  • Protein foods: chicken, eggs, beans. You need to eat them in the amounts prescribed by the diet.
  • Dairy products (low-fat): cottage cheese, kefir, milk. They contain calcium, which cannot be reduced when losing weight at home.
  • Cereals, especially buckwheat, pearl barley and rice. The main products of mono-diets, allowing you to quickly lose 5-10 kg.
  • Spices. Red pepper contains an enzyme that breaks down fats. Cinnamon will reduce your appetite.

All week - on porridge

Much has been written about how to lose weight in 7 days. Diets are offered in different ways - even masochistic. The effect is promised to be fabulous - to permanently lose 10-20 kg in a few days. This is either an unnecessary "extreme", or a blatant lie of the authors of such recommendations. But how to quickly lose weight by 5 kg - here the advice will already be more reasonable. And quite applicable at home.

One of the popular diets is buckwheat. It is very simple, but not tasty. But there is a double effect: both weight loss and cleansing of the body. Don't know how to lose weight quickly and improve your health in a week? The best way is buckwheat.

This method refers to mono-diets: you only need to eat buckwheat - and nothing else. Pour boiling water over a glass of washed cereals and leave to steam overnight. This porridge is your daily menu.

Lose weight on barley

Another cereal-based diet is pearl barley. Barley contains a lot of lysine - it enhances collagen synthesis. Are you afraid that if you lose a lot of weight, your skin will lose its elasticity? Lose weight on barley! And a good way to preserve beauty, and the cherished “minus five kilos”.

The cereals are soaked overnight, and then boiled in water, without salt. And they eat as many times a day as they like. The main thing is that your pearl barley dinner is no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Any cereal diet requires a lot of drinking. To make it easier to withstand the mono diet, you can slightly diversify it. Wash down your morning porridge with a glass of kefir, finish lunch with an apple-shaped dessert.

Porridge is good for filling - you won't have to endure agonizing hunger. Between courses of "cash therapy", lasting a week, you need a break - 3-4 months.

Seven days on kefir

A more difficult option - for those who want to achieve impressive results. 7-10 kg is the maximum result that can be achieved without harm at home. Whether such a diet will help you lose 7 kg in 7 days depends on your willingness to take decisive steps towards losing weight. But the result is worth it! This is confirmed by the reviews of those who decided on a kefir diet.

The basis of the diet is low-fat kefir, the norm per day is 1. 5 liters. Any one product is added to it - in strict sequence. What you can't do is break it. In order not to get confused, start losing weight on Monday. So, the menu for the whole week.

  1. Monday: kefir, potatoes boiled without salt (5 medium tubers).
  2. Tuesday: kefir, 100 g of boiled chicken fillet.
  3. Wednesday: kefir, 130 g of boiled beef.
  4. Thursday: kefir, stewed lean fish.
  5. Friday: kefir, 1. 5 kg of apples or vegetables.
  6. Saturday: kefir.
  7. Sunday: kefir, 1 liter of still mineral water.
Seven days on kefir

Too hard? Try to lose weight on kefir and apples. Tough, but effective and applicable at home method. It is good if you set yourself a goal: “I want to lose a lot of weight by a certain date”. You can withstand a week. What you can't do is be fanatic.

  • From the 1st to the 3rd, as well as from the 7th to the 9th days, drink 1. 5 liters of “lean” kefir. In small portions, evenly throughout the day.
  • From 4th to 6th day - eat 1. 5 kg of apples.

The diet is tough and has been controversial. It takes willpower to survive nine days on such a menu. But the “tortured” ones vying with each other boast of irrevocably gone 10 kg. Exaggeration? Maybe. But losing weight at a rate of almost a kilogram a day is also not bad!

20 days on a diet

"Hungry diets" have a drawback. They are not suitable for long-term use at home, this is their minus. Is there a way to lose weight at the same rate, but longer? After all, you have set yourself such a difficult goal of how to lose 15 kg in a month. And this is real, and at home. But only with the right approach. And in the presence of those extra 15-20 kg, with which the body will painlessly part.

You will need firm determination and pedantry. In addition to the strict rules for compiling the menu, this method provides for the exclusion of one of the meals a day. The first 4 days are dinner, the second 4 days are breakfast, the next 4 days are lunch. And so on - for 20 days. After 10 days, the stomach will lose 20% in volume. This is to reduce food cravings. And in order to get the most lasting effect, since losing weight quickly is half the battle: you need to consolidate the result. The portions are small, the foods are low in calories, low in fat, but contain many vitamins and other valuable substances. Salads are usually seasoned with salt, olive oil (1 tsp) and lemon juice (5-10 drops). Drinks are sweetened with fructose (1 tsp), only green tea is allowed. Hot dishes are boiled.

  1. Day 1 to Day 4 (dinner excluded):

    • breakfast: apples - 4 pcs. , low-fat cottage cheese - 150 g. Drink with a cup of tea;
    • lunch: chicken (white meat) - 200 g, rice - 100 g, lettuce (cucumber, tomato - 1 pc. , dill). a glass of milk;
    • In case of unbearable hunger, instead of dinner, a glass of sweetened milk is allowed.
  2. Day 5 to Day 8 (breakfast excluded):

    • instead of breakfast, if hungry - a cup of unsweetened tea;
    • lunch: salted buckwheat porridge - 200 g, cod - 200 g, hard egg, a cup of unsweetened tea;
    • dinner: salad (medium-sized tomato, 150 g of cabbage). Instead of oil and salt, season with lemon juice. Drink with a cup of water.
  3. Day 9-12 (lunch excluded):

    • Breakfast: 3 cucumber salad. Drink with a cup of water (if thirsty);
    • if hunger is unbearable - a glass of water with lemon and fructose (1 teaspoon each) at the time of lunch;
    • Dinner: chicken - 150 g, beans - 1 plate. Salt the food. If thirsty, drink water (1 glass).
  4. From the 13th to the 16th day (dinner is excluded):

    • breakfast: lean cottage cheese - 200 g, tea;
    • lunch: broccoli cabbage - 200 g, clean water;
    • in case of unbearable hunger, an apple, a glass of water acidified with lemon instead of dinner.
  5. From 17th to 20th day (breakfast excluded):

    • instead of breakfast, in case of unbearable hunger - heated milk (1 glass).
    • lunch: cucumbers - 2 pcs. , cod -200 g. Season the fish with salt and parsley;
    • dinner: rice porridge - 200 g, tomatoes - 2 pcs. Seasoning - dill, salt is prohibited.
after a week the body adapts

Such a meager menu can be very intimidating. But it is quite possible to withstand all the prescribed 20 days. It is difficult at first, but after a week the body adapts. Weakness decreases, tone improves. Don't believe me? Read the reviews of those who have already “tested” this diet. And after 10 days, many began to do simple physical exercises at home, this increases efficiency. For men, push-ups will be suitable, for women - hula-hoop.