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  • Watermelon diet for weight loss, how much can you throw off on such a diet, combining watermelon and other products, contraindications and effectiveness, how to get out right.
    21 March 2021
  • Correct diet for pancreatitis, basic rules, diet in the first 5 days of exacerbation, foods, bread, flour products, cereals and legumes, soups, meat products, fish and eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, berries, an approximate menu for a week.
    1 March 2021
  • Features of the Japanese diet, types of the Japanese diet, preparation for the diet, the menu of the Japanese diet by day, how to get out of the Japanese diet, the advantages and disadvantages of the diet, the results.
    1 March 2021
  • Protein diet, the essence of a protein diet, the benefits and harms of a protein diet, types of protein diets, an approximate menu of a protein diet, reviews of a protein diet.
    1 March 2021
  • Slimming exercises for girls, what are the slimming workouts for home and the gym, and who are they suitable for, how to train for weight loss, how to compose a fat burning workout for the gym and at home, what results can you get in a week and in a month.
    18 January 2021