Instructions for use Harmonica

Who is the new slimming product for

Harmonica drops are taken twice a day with food

Harmonica is a new weight loss product in the UK with amazing results in clinical trials. Indications for the use of drops apply to anyone who wants to lose weight, who:

  • tired of diets and food restrictions;
  • is ​​unable to follow the training regimen;
  • has a slow metabolism and a high degree of slagging of the body.
  • strives to avoid stress by creating a comfortable environment for itself.

So, Harmonica is suitable for absolutely everyone for harmonious weight loss without withdrawal syndrome. Weight goes away naturally without stress, restraints and physical exhaustion, but under the strict control of internal metabolic processes.

Recommendations for the use of drops

A 30 ml dark glass bottle packed in a cardboard box. It also contains instructions on how to use the product. Following the recommendations will help you achieve success in losing weight and rid yourself of possible negative manifestations.

Prescription of the drug:
  • weight loss;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • detoxification;
  • decreased appetite.

The recommended dose of the drug is 20 drops twice a day. The dosage calculation can be easily done using the pipette included. Try to take the drops at the same time so that the stimulation of biological rhythms occurs with less fluctuations. The health benefits in this case are greater. When taking drops, dilute them in a glass of water and drink before meals.

The effect of weight loss occurs when Harmonica is applied in a course of at least 30 days. During this time, people manage to lose from 5 to 15 kg of excess weight, depending on the degree of activity. If after the course you are still not satisfied with the state of your weight, the course can always be repeated by taking a break of several weeks. Systematic course use of Harmonica drops will help to keep weight under control at all times.

Contraindications and restrictions on use

The slimming drug can be used by people over 18 years of age. In a special period of a woman's life, associated with bearing and feeding a child, it is worth avoiding taking drops due to the lack of clinical data on the effect of the drug on the child's health.

Despite 100% naturalness, be careful if you have experienced allergies or do not tolerate at least one of the ingredients in the preparation. Allergic reactions are individual cases where drops may not be suitable. Knowing your health, be careful in this case and seek the advice of a specialist before you start taking.

In all other cases, the drops can be used without restriction in accordance with their purpose, both by men and women of different ages.